New Photo-Set from top UK gay fetish photographer Matt Spike featuring Mr Leather Europe 2012 causing a stir

A brand new photo-set from award winning UK gay fetish photographer Matt Spike, featuring Spanish Kilker Alcaraz (Mr Leather Europe 2012) is eagerly anticipated.  The theme is "coming out from the underground" and the team behind the photo-set say they have got some really unusual places lined up.  Already the project has turned heads when Kilker, wearing rubber gas-mask, waders ans chaps appeared in the front window of a Soho art gallery.  Over the next few days the team will complete the project and images are expected to be released at the end of February. 

Below are two images which started this particular project, Matt creating a scene with a Tom of Finland / old school values whilst Kilker turning anyone with a smoking fetish crazy.  The two tone style in producing the end result cleverly emphasis the distinctive Marlboro Reds packet, red boot laces and red polorised lenses from Kilker's Ray-Ban's are the only items of real colour which further helps create a timeless leather scene image. 

The leather gear was supplied by Fetish Freak who celebrate ten year in business.  Fetish Freak have also taken on the responsibility for supplying the remainder shoots for which, they tell us, are retaining the old school theme. 

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Images  © Matt Spike 2017, not to be reproduced without permission


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